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The Effective Water Extraction Service to Help You After a Fire!

If your home was subject to a fire outbreak, there has without a doubt been water damage inflicted on it as well. This must be remedied with the same urgency as the fire was extinguished. If you are in Baltimore, MD then DB Water Damage Restoration is the quick and reliable water extraction service to help you out. We have the years of experience and the quick reaction to your call that will save your home from further water damage.

A fire outbreak in your home might heat up water pipes to the point of bursting, which can lead to the initial water damage to your home. The firefighting efforts will undoubtedly create water damage due to the methods used in fire suppression. DB Water Damage Restoration is the local water extraction service in Baltimore, MD to call as soon as possible following the fire outbreak. We will arrive at your location swiftly with all the equipment needed to remove the excess water from your home. We utilize high-quality pumps and industrial wet-dry vacuums to drain the water from the premises.

We will use our skills and all the tools that are at our disposal, such as air dehumidifiers and fans, to remove moisture from your walls, ceilings, and affected carpets and furniture. This is an important task because the water could create mold or even structural damage if left unattended. We have top-of-the-line moisture detecting implements that help us make sure there are no wet spots we missed hiding behind any walls or ceilings. We can provide you with a thorough water cleanup as well as disinfection because the water likely brought with it plenty of contaminants and spores which could become dangerous to your health. Our fire damage restoration service also extends to soot and smoke removal.

For any further information, or to book our exceptional water extraction service, please contact DB Water Damage Restoration at (443) 313-7585. We will assist you swiftly and competently.